Tech's Last Call Podcast 2: We Didn't Start the Fire with the Kindle Spark

This week, Instagram makes changes and then changes its mind only to probably change its mind again in the future. We wonder why Google bought Motorola as the big ships Motorola Home off to a new home. Nokia falls from its throne in the cellphone space but Samung and (maybe) Amazon are one the rise. Also, NASA goes Gangnam style, and the world probably won’t end any time soon. We think…

Episode 2


Instagram users blow their tops over an advertising policy change that would allow Instagram to sell ads alongside user submitted images

And then Instagram goes back to the way things have always been

And Instagram...according to XKCD

Motorola Home finds a new home at Arris

Hulu increases revenue 65% and more than doubles Hulu Plus subscribers to 3 million

After 14 years, Nokia cedes top cell phone manufacturer crown to Samsung

Patent battle between Apple and Samsung gets more interesting with Apple's pinch to zoom patent coming under review by the US Patent and Trademark Office

Amazon is rumored to be preparing 5 million handsets for release in mid 2013


NASA released Gagnam Style parody - NASA Johnson Style!!


Lenovo Yoga 13


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The world doesnt end, and NASA tells us why it was much ado about nothing