Tech's Last Call Episode 6: Ballmer Does Jazz Hands

In this show, we wrap up our CES coverage with a few of our favorite stories and a rundown of best in show. We also explore Nokia's potential for not dying and Apple's chance of putting out something cheap. Finally, Trey is reminded why drugs and press conferences don't mix, and why Microsoft should issue mandatory dance lessons.

Episode 6


This week at CES Audi and Toyota showed off their self driving cars

Samsung announced a flexible screen phone as a prototype called the Youm

Unexpectedly, Valve announced a partnership with modular PC maker Xi3 Tuesday for hardware called Piston optimized to run Steam in Big Picture mode.

Sony's strategy at CES seems to be unifying all of their products behind bluetooth and NFC. As part of this, they announced the Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL.

In non-CES related news....

Nokia announced better than expected earnings for the 4th quarter and indicating "underlying profitability" thanks in part to better than expected sales in its Lumia line of phones.

And, of course, an Apple rumor. The Wall Street Journal sites "people briefed on the matter" in their report that Apple will be making a low-cost smart phone possibly made of less expensive materials and targeted at emerging markets.


Best of CES!


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Qualcomm completely baffles the press with Big Bird, "Generation M" and Steve Ballmer...doing jazz hands