Tech's Last Call Episode 8: Heavily Rumor Themed

On tonight's episode, we go round and round the rumor mill with a fresh load out of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Xbox 720, and PS4. There is also billions of dollars being reported with earnings week hitting its zenith. Finally, Internet rebels have new hope in Mega and Internet in Cuba. Strap yourself it and order a round. It's going to be a long night.  

Episode 8


Its that time of the year... Earnings time!
Google, killing it with revenue up 36% year over year.
Apple, with almost as much profit as Google has revenue, and still disappointing
Netflix adds 2.05 million subscribers in the last quarter, and impressing investors
Nokia tries profitability, is spurned by the market

Its official - THQ is being sold for parts after declaring bankrupcy
Atari, the maker of iconic games like Pong and Asteroids, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week

Kim Dotcom launched his new Dropbox like service named Mega on the anniversary of the police raid on his house related to the legal action against his previous venture, Megaupload

iPhone 5S, 6, and “Math” rumors...

In more rumor than news this week, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S line of phones could see its next iteration released in Mid-April

Good news for lovers of Internet freedom, Cuba gets the Internet (sort of)

New information in the non poaching civic suit from 2011
Incriminating emails from courtesy of the Verge
Apple-Google email trail
Steve Jobs threatens Palm with patents


PS4 and Xbox 720 both to be announced at E3
PS4 to have a new fancy touch screen controller and an 8 core AMD processor/graphics chip

Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango) will also have 8 cores and a Blu-Ray drive

New Windows Phone from Nokia is rumored to have the 41mp PureView sensor and an aluminum body


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A Dutch architecture firm plans on using a D shaped 3D printer to print a house in the shape of a Mobius Strip