Tech's Last Call Episode 18: Apple Blasphemy

Tonight, on Tech's Last Call, we dig hard to figure out what is going on with Facebook Home and the latest flurry of Apple rumors. iRing anyone? Could we all be listening to iRadio on our iWatches within the next few months? Stay tuned to find out. We also mourn the end of Lucas Arts (Monkey Island forever!) and DLC support for Rock Band. Finally, although April Fool's is awful on the Internet, Trey still wants to buy a Playdoh 3D printer.


The Guns of Navarro: I'm With the (Rock) Band - Giantbomb


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April Fools’ Day 2013: The 10 Best Pranks From Around The Web - Time

Trey - Thinkgeek Playdoh 3D printer

Jimmy - Google Maps Treasure Mode

Sidney - Netflix crazy category titles