Tech's Last Call Episode 112: Not all Stores Will Have Zone Douchebag

In tech news, we are used to covering plucky little start up that are run out of dorm rooms and still manage to have billion dollar valuations. Besides Apple and Microsoft, the long standing veterans of the industry are usually quiet or ceased to exist long ago. Nintendo, however, is an entirely different beast. They've been around for over 100 years, have effectively reinvented themselves many times, and, in some corners, remain a constant source of discussion. Last week, they rolled out their plan on how to keep that going - reinventing themselves once again as a mobile app marker. Yes, Mario and Zelda on smartphones are incoming thanks to a new partnership with Japanese app maker DeNA. In other, less earth shattering news, CD aren't selling. Apple will have a special douche-bag containment zone. Sony launched a service that no one needs, and Meerkat is equally something that no one needs. But, just think of it, Mario on your iPhone!


Show notes:

Nintendo’s announces mobile partners, net platform          

Playstation Vue       

I want to be in Apple’s Zone 4

Twitter cuts off Meerkat’s firehose

Streaming sales surpassed CD sales for the first time